Subjections, reflections directions


Each new staff member who comes into the Lutheran school community will bring with him/her a particular spirituality based on who they are, their beliefs and values, their life experiences, their personality and the assumptions out of which they live and which provide meaning and purpose for their daily living. Their spirituality isn’t simply some feeling or emotional experience but something which impacts on them as a whole person, body, mind and spirit.



The spiritual growth of any community depends heavily upon the personal spiritual journey of individuals within that community. In order to move forward , a critical expectation is that we must be in training. For any endeavours to learn a musical instrument, to become skilled at a sporting pursuit, or in mastering a new technology, we need to train. To do that, there must be discipline. We must subject ourselves to the spiritual disciplines. Hence the name SUBJECTIONS.



It is critical that we immerse ourselves in the words of Jesus. It is important to hear these words often and as directly as possible, by studying the word ourselves, rather than what someone else has written after they have studied the word.