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Tim Keller - social justice

London City Mission interviewed Tim Keller, Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, about the need for including social justice in Christian ministry.

No Greater Love - Fr Rob Galea

More about Fr Rob Galea and his music at www.FrRobGalea.com

What is Christianity all about anyway?

Answering some of those 'what is Christianity all about anyway?' questions

In the Mix conference

Notes of the presentations from eletive presenters and keynote speakers from the August 2015 National School Pastors and Chaplains Conference

Why Lutheran schools

Rev James Winderlich answers this question in an article written for the August 2015 edition of Principals Voice

The Coloured Glass Classroom

A 'must see' site for Christian Studies

Melbourne Dioceses Religion Education

This website is a 'must visit' site!

Brisbane Diocese Religious Education

These resources are a 'must see'!

Brisbane Dioecese Ethics

This site contains various unit resources on spirituality, life choices, social justice, good and evil etc

RE Online

RE Online has a range of resources for teachers and students on world religions. A 'must visit' site

The UK Religious Education Standards

The UK Religious Education Standards site has a range of basic units from the early years, to senior years that provide a starting point or some ideas that may be helpful.

Halloween Information Sheet    

Grow Ministries have published this 'fact sheet' about Halloween

Vibrant Faith at Home   

A website intended for 'at home' but ideas can be used in a school context. A range of ideas and resources seeking to empower families and individuals of all ages.

CS social media

CS Connect

Connecting educators via Facebook in Lutheran schools across SA, NT and WA in all matters to do with Christian Studies.

LEQ CS Community

Lutheran Education Queensland Christian Studies Community is a Facebook group set up to share resources, ask questions, post ideas, photos and discussion threads.

Christian Church Key Idea 1 Christians believe the Bible is God's word

The Luther Seminary Minnesota

The Luther Seminary Minnesota has a range of resources, including videos for secondary students and teachers about the books of the bible, authors and theological themes.

The BBC website: the Bible as library

'The Bible as library' with text and video

Christianity and the world

The BBC website: ethics

This site has a range of ethical issues and articles to stimulate discussions on ethics.

The BBC website: major world religions

A range of resources to explore the major world religions.