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Year 11 and 12 Christian Studies research


Listen, can you hear their spiritual cry?  
first published in SchooLink 2003


SchooLink Theme: Christian Studies  

first published 2004

Equip Module 8 Videos

Mark Worthing answers the questions:

Is there a difference between ethics, morals and values?

Is there such a thing as Christian ethics?

What guides Christian decision making?

How can we view the 10 commandments?

Is WWJD a helpful tool for Christians?

What do you hope students learn by studying ethics?

PowerPoint on Assessment in Christian Studies

Biblical literacy: what do you understand about the Bible?

www.christianity.org.au the website and personal responses reflect a conventional, moderate Christian faith

Dominique Jacqueline has presented an excellent article on  Biblical literacy that is a great resource for a staff or faculty session on biblical literacy.


Biblical literacy workshop by Dominique Jacqueline ACLE4

This session will explore what is involved in being biblically literate and how to deepen one’s own and students’ understanding of the biblical text in a meaningful and engaging manner.

Dominque Jacqueline also provides some insights into using the Bible in her video from the Christian Studies unit writing project.


Speaker 4 Dominique Jacqueline - The Bible in Christian Studies

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